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New Product Release | MEMSIC Releases High-Performance eOIS Image Stabilization Driver Series New Product MSD4100WA!

Release Time:2024.05.21

MEMSIC, the leading global provider of MEMS sensing technology solutions, has recently announced the release of its eOIS image stabilization driver series new product MSD4100WA. This product integrates a high-precision and low-noise silicon-based Hall sensor, an H-bridge constant current drive circuit, and a high-precision hardware PID algorithm.


OIS, short for optical image stabilization system, is widely used in the camera industry, particularly in digital cameras and mobile phone cameras. It utilizes physical technology to compensate for movement by adjusting the lens, resulting in stable images. In comparison to traditional integrated OIS products, MSD4100WA offers a cost-effective solution by replacing high-cost TMR/GaAs position sensors with an integrated linear Hall sensor. Additionally, the implementation of hardware PID circuits eliminates the need for an integrated MCU, significantly reducing overall hardware costs.

 MSD4100WA integrated 16-bit high-precision ADC for converting analog signals of silicon-based Hall to digital signals; The H-bridge constant current drive module can provide a maximum output current of ±170mA. Combining the high-precision PID algorithm with MEMSIC's own gyro-related algorithm, it can provide a camera anti-shake effect with a suppression ratio better than -35dB.


Compared with similar foreign benchmarking products, MSD4100WA has the advantages of ultra-low internal resistance (1.8ohm) and ultra-low standby power consumption, and is equipped with a high-speed I3C interface, which greatly reduces the system delay caused by the low-speed interface.

Not only that, leveraging over 15 years of technology accumulation in the field of inertial sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscopes, MEMSIC offers a range of integrated anti-shake solutions including chips, algorithms, and engineering implementations. These solutions support high-performance gyroscope signal processing algorithms on mobile phones and provide corresponding drivers and algorithm debugging for different mobile phone platforms.

" MEMSIC has a strong presence in the magnetic sensor products field, and the release of MSD4100WA this time integrates MEMSIC's advanced R&D capabilities and traditional strengths in supply chain, delivering superior image stability to smartphone imaging systems and driving further upgrading of relevant details." said Sam Lu, CEO of MEMSIC.

At present MSD4100WA samples have been sent to many Tier1 customers, and mass production will be achieved within this year. Please contact our sales team for more product details.

In the future, MEMSIC will continue to upgrade our eOIS product series, leverage the successful experience of MEMSIC in other magnetic product lines, rely on extensive accumulation in core process areas such as testing and calibration, and in-house production capacity. We will continuously optimize and iterate algorithms with a customer-centric approach to build our core competitiveness.



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