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eOIS Image Stablization Controller

eOIS driver IC, one-chip solution for voice coil motor (VCM), includes high-accuracy and low-noise linear Hall effect sensor, H-Bridge circuit and high-performance PID algorithm.

Technical Advantages


Support wide range Power Supply

VDD:2.65~3.6V ; IO: 1.2V ~ 3.6V


Support I2C I/F

I2C: Fast mode / Fast Mode Plus / High-speed-mode(3.4MHz) ; I3C: Support up to 12.5MHz


Support offset, sensitivity and linearity compensation

si-based Hall sensor ; hall ADC 16bits


Constant Current Driver

constant Current Linear Driver (1-ch, 11-bit, Imax = 170mA)


Small Packaging

6pin, WL-CSP (0.63×2.37×0.315 mm typ.)