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Thermal Accelerometer

Thermal accelerometer which is uniquely designed and manufactured by Memsic uses a proprietary patented approach that uses standard CMOS IC processes to integrate leading-edge sensor technology and mixed signal processing circuits into a single reliable, high-quality chip. Compared with the traditional capacitive accelerometer, thermal accelerometer has no moving parts, highly reliable, easy to be manufactured and cost effective.

Technical Advantages


100% Pass the drop test

Thermal accelerometer uses the gas as the moving mass, so it does not have the stiction that easily happens on the capacitive accelerometer


Immunized from high frequency vibration

The physical character of the gas inside the thermal accelerometer is like a natural low-pass filter, it is immunized from high-frequency vibration


High tolerance to stress changes

Because our thermocouple has a long (millimeter) distribution of cold end and hot end, the offset of our X/Y axis does not change much before and after SMT


The zero-g offset of thermal accelerometer is very low

The zero-g offset is low before SMT through trimming. The thermal accelerometer has high tolerance to the stress and its offset will not change much due to the stress caused by SMT