MEMSIC's thermal accelerometers offer the world's best vibration immunity, shock tolerance, and zero-g offset drift.

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MEMSIC's accelerometers are used by the world's leading automakers. Learn more...

MEMSIC's AMR magnetic technology is used in millions of smartphones. Learn more...

MEMSIC's AMR magnetic sensors are leaders in noise, power, and heading accuracy.         Learn more...

MEMSIC’s inertial guidance systems are used in over 600 types of aircraft. Learn more...

MEMSIC inertial systems have a wide array of applications – from farming to robotics.        

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MEMSIC's flow sensors are suitable to a wide variety of applications, from residential gas flow to HVAC. Learn more...

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MEMSIC Announces the INS380SA

The latest product from MEMSIC, the INS380SA, is a complete inertial navigation system with a built-in 48-channel GPS receiver. SmartSensingTM technology enables a turnkey system with better than 0.01 m/s velocity measurement accuracy. The integrated 3-axis magnetometer allows for accurate operation when the GPS signal is lost or when the vehicle comes to a stop.

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MEMSIC is proud to introduce a new product family of mass flow sensors offering class leading dynamic range, low power consumption, and high accuracy over flows up to 250 SLM. The first variant in the family, the MFC2030 is a bi-directional 30 SLM module, designed for industrial and medical applications. 

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MEMSIC Showcases its Latest Technology

MEMSIC demonstrated its latest advanced technologies at the Sensors Expo and Conference in Long Beach, CA. MEMSIC products, including semiconductors and system-level devices, are designed to solve challenging inertial and flow sensing solutions across a wide range of applications from automotive to medical devices.

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