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MEMSIC won the “2024 China IC Design Achievement Award – Best Sensor/MEMS of the Year”

Release Time:2024.04.15

On March 29th, 2024, the "2024 China IC Leadership Summit and China IC Design Achievement Award Presentation Ceremony" organized by ASPENCORE, a well-known media group in the global electronics industry, held in Shanghai. The world's leading sensor technology solutions provider MEMSIC announced that the company’s 3-axis AMR magnetometer sensor MMC5619WA won the "Best Sensor/MEMS of the Year".

The China IC Design Achievement Award is one of the most prestigious awards in China's electronics industry, which aims to recognize companies and products that have made outstanding achievements in China's IC design industry. Winning the IC Design Achievement Award fully reflects MEMSIC's leading position in China's sensor industry and its excellent technology development and service support capabilities.

 "We are very honored to receive the Best Sensor of the Year Award, which is a great confirmation of our progress in the MEMS sensor industry, and we are very grateful to the AspenCore user community and senior analyst team for their recognition, MEMSIC will continue to conduct in-depth research and development and is committed to providing customers with the most advanced sensor solutions," said Sam Lu, CEO of MEMSIC.


Sam Lu (left), CEO of MEMSIC received the award

As one of the popular products of MEMSIC in the magnetometer product line, MMC5619WA is the latest generation of mass-produced 3-axis AMR magnetometer, which adopts a single-chip design and has been widely used in eCompass and navigation systems for smart phones and smart wearable devices.At the same time, magnetometers  are also used in professional research, such as the earth's magnetic field and the position of magnetic poles and astronomical observations, which are of great significance for understanding the earth's magnetic field structure, physical phenomena and the direction and position of celestial bodies.

Compared to the previous generation, I3C interface and FIFO are added to MMC5619WA, VDDIO can be down to 1.1V, the size and the pinout are maintained for compatibility. For MMC5619WA, the field range of each axis is 30 Gauss, the RMS noise is as low as 1.5mG, the sensitivity can be 0.061mG/LSB with high resolution ADC up to 20 bit.

In addition, the accuracy of eCompass with MMC5619WA can be reached to 1° because the characteristics of MMC5619WA are outstanding and the algorithm developed by MEMSIC for calibration and tilt compensation is advanced. On top of that, more sophisticated algorithm for MMC5619WA has been developed by MEMSIC to satisfy the customers for their different needs.

As a sensor company with a history of 25 years, MEMSIC has always adhered to independent innovation and led the development of the industry with many breakthroughs relying on its experienced R&D and management team, and its product technical strength and quality stability have been recognized by Tier1 customers. MEMSIC has a numbers of MEMS motion sensor production lines, and has formed a solid leading position in the field of magnetometers and accelerometers. At the same time, MEMSIC's highly independent industrial chain covers core manufacturing process such as wafer manufacturing and back-end testing, and forms a comprehensive product matrix around MEMS technology, covering consumer, automotive, industrial, medical, and other industries.

In the future, MEMSIC will continue to provide customers with high-quality and differentiated innovative products and services and enable the vigorous development of  semiconductor industry in China.


MEMSIC Semiconductor is a world’s leading MEMS technology solution provider. MEMSIC provides customers with one-stop solutions from MEMS sensor chips, software algorithms to application solutions. MEMSIC’s stable and mass-produced products include the globally unique thermal accelerometers, capacitive accelerometers, AMR magnetometers, low-power consumption Hall switches, 6-Axis IMU and more, which are widely used in automotive, industrial, medical, wearable, smart home, and consumer electronics applications, providing people with a more intelligent, reliable and safe technological experience by sensing the displacement and motion changes of the physical world.

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