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Rise to Challenge · Pursuit Excellence - MEMSIC Global Strategy Meeting

Release Time:2022.07.15

July 14th, 2022 - MEMSIC held an online global strategy work session. More than 20 people attended the meeting, including the company's CEO, CTO, and heads of various functional departments.


At the meeting, Sam Lu, CEO of MEMSIC, made an opening speech and elaborated on the objectives of the meeting, including establishing strategic goals, refining strategic steps, strengthening corporate culture, and enhancing management capabilities. Mr. Lu called on everyone to grasp opportunities, follow the trend, rise to challenge, and pursue excellence, and clearly designing the company's next five-year development plan. The heads of functional departments made detailed reports and discussions on the contributions and initiatives of their respective teams to the company's five-year business plan, as well as how to enhance organizational management and strengthen team culture. All participants are serious about making contributions. They speak freely, actively provide their own ideas and opinions, and jointly plan the future development of the company.


CEO Sam Lu emphasized that the company is developing rapidly now, we must pay attention to product quality, as quality is the life of the company, therefore, we cannot afford mistakes. At the same time, Mr. Lu encouraged everyone to think out of the box and continuously improve the quality of the company's products and work through innovation, and strive to make MEMSIC a world’s leading MEMS technology solution provider.


MEMSIC Semiconductor is a world's leading MEMS technology solution provider. MEMSIC provides customers with one-stop solutions from MEMS sensor chips, software algorithms to application solutions. MEMSIC’s stable and mass-produced products include the globally unique thermal accelerometers, capacitive accelerometers, AMR magnetometers, low-power consumption Hall switches and more, which are widely used in automotive, industrial, medical, wearable, smart home, and consumer electronics applications, providing people with a more intelligent, reliable and safe technological experience by sensing the displacement and motion changes of the physical world. Sensing the beautiful life with MEMSIC. For more information, please visit www.memsic.com or follow us on WeChat and LinkedIn.