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Willow Technologies to Demonstrate MEMSIC’s Advanced Inertial Measurement Solutions at SENSOR+TEST 2015

Release Time:2015.05.19

Nurnberg, Germany (May 19, 2015) – Willow Technologies Limited, a global distributor and supplier of diverse sensing components and systems, will demonstrate the latest family of advanced inertial measurement systems from MEMSIC, Inc., at the SENSORS+TEST 2015 conference, May 19-21, in Nurnberg, Germany.

MEMSIC provides leading-edge, highly accurate, and integrated inertial measurement systems used in a wide range of applications including unmanned vehicle control, platform stabilization, robotics, precision farming and many other applications. Its broad portfolio of products include Inertial Navigation Systems, Vertical Gyros, Tilt Sensors, Accelerometers, Magnetometers and more.

At SENSORS+TEST 2015 Willow Technologies and MEMSIC will demonstrate the latest AHRS380, 9-DOF Attitude and Heading Reference System. The AHRS380 integrates 6-DOF inertial sensors and 3-axis magnetic sensors with Extended Kalman filtering in a miniature factory calibrated module to provide consistent performance over a wide range of extreme operating conditions.

“We are excited to offer the MEMSIC AHRS380 to our customers”, said Martin Pearce, the Managing Marketing Director at Willows Technologies. “Together, we offer next-generation MEMS sensing technology with a unique and flexible system architecture to achieve unmatched performance in demanding as well as cost sensitive applications”.

“The AHRS380 is available in both module as well ruggedized enclosure through Willow immediately” said Masoud Beheshti, VP and General Manager of MEMSIC Systems Business Unit. “Additionally Willows Technologies will provides exceptional technical and commercial support to our users across their European territories”Willow Technologies is located in Hall -12, Stand Number 12-200.

Engineers from bBoth Willow and MEMSIC will be on-hand during the conference exhibition for meetings and to answer any questions about our their products and services.

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Willow Technologies Limited, founded in 1989, provides solutions to customers by designing, manufacturing and supplying components and systems to the electrical and electronic marketplace across the globe. Specialists in switching, sensing, resistive and hermetic seal solutions, the company has a wide portfolio of technologies and over 100 years of application experience. With an in-house engineering capability and a production facility for rapid prototyping of custom parts, the company is well equipped to develop products matching customer specific application requirements. Willow is ISO9001: 2008 Registered.


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