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MEMSIC Expands Portfolio of High-Performance IMU Solutions with the new 380-Series IMU, VG, AHRS and INS

Release Time:2014.07.24

Andover, Massachusetts- Jun 24, 2014- MEMSIC Inc., a leading sensing solution provider, announced today at the Sensor’s Expo in Chicago the availability of the first three products from its exciting new 380-series Inertial Systems family. The IMU380ZA-200 (6DOF IMU), IMU380ZA-400 (9DOF IMU) and AHRS380ZA (full 9DOF Attitude and Heading Reference System) are optimized for embedded applications, and utilize the latest generation of MEMS sensor technology to achieve new levels of price/performance.

The 380-series is targeted at in vehicle control and navigation, platform stabilization, robotics, mobile mapping, industrial control, unmanned vehicle control and avionics systems. MEMSIC’s 380-series integrates next-generation MEMS sensing technology within a unique and flexible system architecture to achieve unmatched performance in a wide range of demanding as well cost sensitive applications. The 380-series offers customers the broadest selection of inertial product configurations on the market – embedded (380ZA) for pc board mount, standalone (380SA) for remote mount, and rugged (380RA) for the most demanding environments.

The IMU380ZA and AHRS380ZA are available in a small 24 x 37 x 9.5 mm module: and set the new standard for performance in this class of devices with bias instability < 10 deg/hr, angle random walk (ARW) < 0.75 deg/√hr, fully calibrated performance over -40 to +85C temperature range, low power consumption < 250mW, miniature packaging 24 x 37 x 9.5 mm, and SPI and UART communications for close integration with customers’ system electronics.

“MEMSIC is the first company to provide customers with such a broad range of inertial system configurations.” said Masoud Beheshti, VP and General Manager of MEMSIC Systems Business Unit, “The 380-series has been developed in response to market demand for cost-effective sensing solutions and include a full range of functions including Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), Vertical Gyro (VG), Attitude & Heading Reference System (AHRS) and Inertial Navigation System (INS) – to support a wide range of applications”.

MEMSIC offers a 380ZA evaluation kit including Nav-View software to support customers during their initial system integration with the embedded 380 models. Evaluation kits provide an out-of-the-box solution to demonstrate performance in the customer’s application.


The MEMSIC IMU380ZA embedded 6-DOF Inertial Measurement Unit is competitively priced at $295 in quantity 1000, and evaluation kits are currently available from stock.


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