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Release Time:2011.05.09

ANDOVER, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MEMSIC, Inc. (Nasdaq: MEMS - News), a leading MEMS solution provider, combining proprietary MEMS technology with advanced mixed signal processing and system solutions, today announced the release of its new low-profile 3-Axis Magnetic Sensor, the MMC3280MA.

The MMC3280MA continues the success of MEMSIC’s magnetic sensor product line, which is currently used in a number of high-volume mobile and consumer products, and which includes a growing portfolio of industry-leading products.  The MMC3280MA is optimized for smartphone, tablet PC, gaming and other high-volume applications that benefit from its small size, high accuracy and low power electronic compass functionality.

The MMC3280MA is packaged in a 2mm x 2mm x 1mm BGA package.  It provides customers with an outstanding solution to their design requirements, as well as supply chain flexibility in light of the ongoing events in Japan caused by the earthquakes and tsunami earlier this year.   The MMC3280MA offers customers with a superior design solution by supporting a wide voltage operation (1.62-3.6V), low power consumption (0.22mA), and high accuracy (+/- 2 degrees).   

The MMC3280MA works with MEMSIC’s Intelligent Heading Correction (IHC) library of auto-calibration and dynamic compensation algorithms to provide outstanding compass performance and superior ease-of-use to the customers of mobile products.  It eliminates the need to perform manual calibration (the “figure 8” routine) necessary with the magnetic sensors supplied by several other companies.  MEMSIC has won customer loyalty by providing industry-leading application support for its magnetic sensors in terms of software integration, PCB layout guidance and manufacturing testing procedures. 

“MEMSIC chooses to compete with superior products, competitive pricing and industry-leading support,” says Mark Laich, MEMSIC VP of Sales and Marketing, Components Business.  “The demand for magnetic sensors is increasing dramatically, and MEMSIC has made a substantial investment in product development, manufacturing capacity, and application support expertise to position ourselves as the leading supplier of magnetic sensors to mobile and consumer applications.  We are excited to be bringing such an advanced product to market which offers our customers a low-risk and highly optimized solution for their designs.”  

The MMC3280MA will be sampling in 2Q 2011 and start production deliveries in 3Q 2011.  Pricing for the product starts at $0.95 per unit for 10K units.


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