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WLP package, 0.8x0.8x0.4mm, I²C interface, ±30g range, high performance AMR Magnetometer


Wearable Device
Smart Phone/
Smart Home
Smart Device


Monolithic integrated 3-axis AMR magnetic sensor and electronic circuits requiring fewer external components

Superior Dynamic Range and Accuracy

±30G FSR

20bits operation mode

0.0625mG per LSB resolution

2mG total RMS noise

Enables heading accuracy of 1º

Sensor true frequency response up to 1KHz

Ultra-Small Wafer Level Package 0.8x0.8x0.4mm

On-chip automatic degaussing with built-in SET/RESET function

Eliminates thermal variation induced offset error (Null field output)

Clears the residual magnetization resulting from strong external fields

On-chip sensitivity compensation

On-chip temperature sensor

Selftest signal available

Low power consumption

1µA power down current

I²C slave, FAST (≤400 KHz) mode

1.62V to 3.6V wide range single power supply

1.2V logic IO

RoHS compliant