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Sensing the Beautiful Life | MEMSIC Company Video

Release Time:2022.01.13

Human society is stepping into the era of the Internet of Things,Tens of billions of sensors are widely used in many fields,including automotive, industrial, medical and consumer electronics.

Ubiquitous sensors are like human senses,sensing and collecting data from the physical world,building a "bridge" between the real world and the digital world.

In the trend of the Internet of Everything,as a leading high-tech MEMS enterprise rooted in China and radiating to the world——MEMSIC, has been committed to innovative MEMS products and R&D of sensing technology solutions all the time.

Founded for more than 20 years,MEMSIC has established an integrated process from R&D, packaging and testing to sales.Originally developed MEMS is based on standard CMOS process,and the world's leading manufacturing process and testing technology.And it successfully launched the thermal accelerometer that’s unique in the world,and the smallest magnetometer in the world.

MEMSIC's products enjoy mature technology, reliable and stable performance,and quality standards meeting industrial and automotive grade,recognized by mainstream customers around the world,and are widely used in smart phones, tablet computers, PCs, smart homes,wearable devices, smart hardware, drones, industrial, medical and many other fields.

Especially in the automotive field,MEMSIC has been supplying to global automotive customers for more than 15 years.MEMSIC enjoys excellent performance in automotive safety markets such as electronic stability control system, electrical park brake, rollover detection, and active suspension systems.

By 2019,MEMSIC has shipped more than 1.7 billion thermal accelerometers and magnetometers cumulatively.

Internet of things starts from the "chip".Today, MEMSIC is setting sail again with a brand-new spirit,and push product limits through innovation!