MEMSIC's thermal accelerometers offer the world's best vibration immunity, shock tolerance, and zero-g offset drift.

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MEMSIC's accelerometers are used by the world's leading automakers. Learn more...

MEMSIC's AMR magnetic technology is used in millions of smartphones. Learn more...

MEMSIC's AMR magnetic sensors are leaders in noise, power, and heading accuracy.         Learn more...

MEMSIC’s inertial guidance systems are used in over 600 types of aircraft. Learn more...

MEMSIC inertial systems have a wide array of applications – from farming to robotics.        

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MEMSIC's flow sensors are suitable to a wide variety of applications, from residential gas flow to HVAC. Learn more...

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Electronics Products magazine, a leading trade publication, has awarded MEMSIC’s newest thermal accelerometer the 2011 Product of the Year Award. MEMSIC’s unique thermal technology has no mechanical resonance, and provides the industry’s best vibration immunity and offset stability, while also enabling the world's smallest packages.

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MFA1100R Flow Sensor Introduced

The MFA1100R is a complete, fully integrated gas flow sensor module that uses MEMSIC's advanced monolithic thermal technology. Applications include industrial and residential gas flow measurement, HVAC, medical and automotive applications. Key advantages include low flow measurement capability, accuracy and low power consumption.

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MEMSIC Wins "Product of the Year" Award Again for 2012

Electronics Products magazine, a leading trade publication, has recently awarded MEMSIC’s three-axis magnetic sensor the 2012 Product of the Year Award. MEMSIC’s anisotropic magnetoresistance (AMR) technology provides the industry’s highest accuracy in handheld compass applications such as smartphones and hand-held GPS units.

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