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Tilt Sensors

Cost-effective, MEMS-based single-axis and dual-axis tilt sensor modules with internal signal conditioning, environmental packaging, and analog or digital output options.

The CXTA and CXTLA series offer an easy-to-use signal conditioned 0-5V analog output. The CXTA provides a wide measurement range of ±75 degrees, while the high-resolution CXTLA offers higher accuracy over a ±20 degrees measurement range. The zero-angle voltage and sensitivity are stable over the lifetime of the device. The CXTA/CXTLA modules operate from unregulated power supply inputs of 6 to 30 VDC and are available with a plastic or high-temperature metal housing.

The CXTILT series provides a fully-calibrated, temperature-compensated two-axis digital output with outstanding resolution, dynamic response and accuracy. The CXTILT offers user-configurable bandwidth and resolution to meet a wide variety of demanding applications.

Tilt Sensor Modules

Rugged 1-axis and 2-axis tilt sensor modules with built-in signal conditioning support a wide range of applications and performance levels.

  Part Number Axes Range
Output Sensitivity
(deg rms)
Supply Voltage
Temp Range
Package Type Dimensions
[+] CXTA01-T 1(X) 75 0-5V 35 DC-50 0.05 6 to 30 -40 to +85 Nylon 4.5 x 2.7 + more
[+] CXTA02-T 2(XY) 75 0-5V 35 DC-50 0.05 6 to 30 -40 to +85 Nylon 4.5 x 2.7 + more
[+] CXTILT02EC 2(XY) 75 RS-232 Selectable Selectable Selectable 8 to 30 -40 to +85 Aluminum 10.2 x 5.7 + more