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Release Time:2012.05.08

Industry’s Highest Accuracy and Sensing Range, Low Power Consumption and Ultra-Small Size to Address Demanding Mobile Applications

ANDOVER, Mass., May 8, 2012 (Globe Newswire)—MEMSIC Inc. (Nasdaq:MEMS), a leading solutions provider, combining proprietary MEMS technology with advanced mixed-signal processing and systems solutions, today announced the availability of the latest member of its AMR based Magnetic Sensor family, the 3-Axis ultra-small MMC3316xMT.  It provides the industry’s highest accuracy performance, lowest noise and low power consumption combined with enhanced sensing range and exceptionally small package, and addresses the ever-increasing demands of mobile applications. 

Dr. Yang Zhao, MEMSIC’s chairman, president and CEO said, “MEMSIC has successfully extended the full scale range of its AMR based magnetic sensors with the introduction of the worlds first 3- Axis, +/- 16 Gauss full scale device based on AMR technology. The MMC3316xMT raises the bar in the magnetic sensing space from a performance, size and value perspective.  The electronic compass is projected to grow to more than 1 billion units by 2014.  As electronic compasses become standard installations in all smartphones, users are beginning to demand enhanced phone performance and functionalities, including pointing accuracy and ease of use.  In the past customers who needed more than +/- 8Gauss were forced to use Hall or other noisier, less accurate technology, trading accuracy, noise and resolution for a larger full scale range. With the introduction of the MMC3316xMT, customers can now have the benefits of AMR technology and the FS range their application requires.” 

Dr. Zhao continued, “We expect that this highly integrated and full functioning device to provide our customers with a highly differentiated product offering while simultaneously saving them valuable board space and lowering manufacturing costs.  We expect the product to strengthen MEMSIC’s position in the worldwide mobile e-compass market as well as offer us opportunities to expand through consumer, industrial and automotive applications.”


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