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Washing machines and other rotating machinery are subject to vibration when the load is unbalanced. This vibration is undesirable due to excessive noise, wear, and energy consumption. With today's high speed spin cycles, load balancing is more critical than ever.

Historically washing machine manufacturers have used a smart motor controller that monitors the phase difference between the voltage and current being delivered to the motor to detect the out-of-balance condition. This works well at the higher RPM but not so well at low RPMs where it is most important to know if the clothes are distributed well.

MEMSIC’s Out-Of-Balance Module (MXC6202GMW) solves the problem of being able to detect low and high RPM out-of-balance conditions. It is a complete assembly that can be mounted directly to the tub of the washing machine. It consists of an accelerometer mounted on a small PCB and installed in a water tight plastic housing. The main control board communicates to it over the I2C bus wiring harness.

Key features include:

  • Complete module solution
  • Water-tight plastic housing
  • Thermal acceleration sensor with no detectable resonance
  • 512 counts/g resolution
  • I2C interface


To learn more about this application, download the application note on Out Of Balance detection.



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Memsic washing Machines vibration
MEMSIC has developed accelerometer solutions for vibration