Mobile Handsets

MEMSIC offers accelerometers and magnetic sensors that are being used to enhance the functions and features of the next generation of mobile phones. Our accelerometers provide display orientation and shake detection, improving the user interface experience by seamlessly changing the screen orientation and enabling the “shake to change” feature when you are scrolling through a menu or changing a TV or music channel,etc. Our accelerometers also provide motion-based user interface to enhance the play of motion games on the mobile phone, and MEMSIC supports our mobile phone customers with an extensive library of fun games that utilize this function.

The MXC6226XC is a low cost accelerometer which provides a built-in 45° angle threshold, and an interrupt output that alerts the processor to a change in orientation. A programmable hysteresis function prevents "chattering" around the threshold, and also allows the designer to set a delay after which the change in orientation is considered valid.

Our magnetic sensors offer best-in-class heading accuracy, enabled by a combination of sensor performance (noise, resolution and full-scale-range) and software algorithms. Magnetic sensors complement the location information provided by GPS, providing you with information about what direction you are heading so you can find a nearby point of interest like a restaurant or a store or a friend/family member whom you want to find. Or they can tell you what you are looking at, which can enable new and exciting location aware, location based or augmented reality services in mobile retail, mobile eCommerce, tourism or social networking. And MEMSIC supports all of its sensors for mobile phone applications with a world class application team to make sure that your project is a success.

MEMSIC offers a range of magnetic sensor components for use in the mobile phone. These products utilize high performance AMR technology to achieve ultra-low noise, low power consumption, and small size. Check out the MMC3280MA (+/-8G FSR), and the MMC3316xMT (+/-16G FSR)- see sidebar at right.

Memsic Mobile Handsets
MEMSIC offers accelerometers and magnetic sensors