Angle / Inclination Sensing

Accurate inclination sensing is a demanding application for MEMS accelerometers. As a point of illustration, the amount of acceleration due to gravity in 1 arc-degree of inclination from a horizontal plane is 0.017g. In order measure to within ±0.3 arc-degree the accelerometer must be accurate to within ±0.005g. In the past only expensive MEMS accelerometer could achieve this raw level of performance. However, with some engineering and calibration, Thermal MEMS devices can address these requirements at a much lower total solution cost because they are very repeatable and their characteristic do not change after mechanical shock events which would invalidate any stored calibration. 

MEMSIC offers fully integrated Tilt Modules and accelerometer components which can be incorporated into your system to measure pitch, roll or both angles of inclination.

For more information on inclination sensing using accelerometers refer to this application note.

Markets for Angle / Inclination Sensing

  • Crane Boom Angle
  • Construction Equipment  and Man Lift Safe Operating Angle
  • Platform Leveling
  • Headlight Leveling
  • Compass Tilt Correction
  • Liquid Level Sensing Tilt Correction
  • Electronic Scales Tilt Correction
Angle / Inclination Sensing
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