Thermal MEMS Accelerometers


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The MEMSIC MXR7900CF is a non-temperature compensated high-performance XY or XZ thermal accelerometer with very low 0g offset drift versus temperature. The MXR7900CF is very repeatable and immune from mechanical shocks changing its operating characteristics making it ideal for single axis high accuracy inclination applications. Thermal MEMS sensing technology provides unsurpassed vibration immunity with an inherent low-pass frequency response of 29Hz eliminating errors attributable to out-of-band and not-of-interest higher frequency accelerations.  It is built monolithically using a standard 0.6um CMOS process. There are truly no moving parts and no error causing sensor structure resonances thus providing more accurate acceleration measurements with lower field failures than competitive technology.  Acceleration and temperature data is available over the I2C interface. Shock survival is greater than 50,000g. 

Axes 2(XY)
Range 1
Output Analog
Sens'ty 0.9 V/g
Offset Drift 0.3
BW 19
Noise 1.3
Supply Voltage 4.5 - 5.3
Size 5 x 5
Auto Qual'd Y
Temp Comp Off
Price (1k) Call

Fully Integrated Thermal Accelerometer
900mV/g sensitivity
XY or XZ direct SMT mounting
0g Temperature Drift 0.1mg/C Typical
Inherent 19Hz Low Pass Filter Response (Vibration Immunity)
Ratiometric analog outputs
Operating Supply Voltage from 4.5V to 5.25V
Operating Temperature Range from -30 to 105C
Shock Survival Greater than 50,000 g
Package Size 5x5x2mm

  • High Accuracy Inclination Sensing using the ArcTan(X/Y) Method
  • High Accuracy Inclination Sensing requiring an over temperature calibration.


  • Hill Start Assist
  • Motorcycle tip over detection
  • Roll over detection