March 24, 2016

MEMSIC Inc., a leading sensing solution provider, announced today the availability of its MMC3630KJ, an ultra-small size, BGA package, magnetometer for portable devices.

In recent years, the market for MEMS sensors market has grown rapidly and is widely adopted in consumer electronics, industrial control, automotive electronics and other fields. New technology based on motion sensing fusion is playing an increasingly critical role in Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable applications. In order to meet rapidly growth market demand, based on its proprietary technology in magnetic sensor design and more than 10 years of production experience, MEMSIC is launching a series of highly accurate, reliable, and ultra-small package, 3-axis AMR magnetometers: MMC3630KJ series. This new series of AMR magnetometers targets major global mobile device designers and manufacturers, along with other industry verticals requiring high performance motion sensing.

The MMC3630KJ series magnetometer includes an integrated monolithic 3-axis AMR sensor and a signal conditioning ASIC into an ultra-small (1.2x1.2x0.5mm) BGA package. The MMC3630KJ is a breakthrough design in AMR technology with the ability to reach ±30G range, and more than 5x better noise level compared to other technologies. With 600Hz magnetic sensing bandwidth, the MMC3630KJ is able to provide better than ±10accuracy in eCompass applications. The design also has drastically lower system level power consumption and processing time.

The MMC3630KJ series magnetometer is perfectly matched for portable devices, which are more sensitive to size and price.  The series also includes a self-degaussing feature, which can eliminate the output drift due to temperature change and residual magnetic from ambient magnetic field. The series also includes an interruption feature, which can be used for motion detection and data acquisition ready notifications to lower system-level power consumption.

MEMSIC CEO and founder Dr. Yang Zhao notes “MEMSIC has over 10 years of experience in mass production of magnetic sensors and shipments of more than 250 million units. This new magnetometer developed by our own R&D team and production of monolithic three-axis based on AMR technology, MMC3630KJ is currently world’s highest performance device and will promote the development of wearable and mobile device markets worldwide.” 


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