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Developed in conjunction with UC Berkeley and Intel Research Labs, the MTS400 and MTS420 offer five basic environmental sensing parameters and an optional GPS module (MTS420). These sensor boards utilize the latest generation of IC-based surface mount sensors. These energy-efficient digital devices in turn provide extended battery-life and performance wherever low maintenance field deployed sensor nodes are required. 

These versatile sensor boards are intended for a wide variety of applications ranging from a simple wireless weather station to a full mesh network of environmental monitoring nodes. Applicable industries include Agricultural, Industrial, Forestry, HVAC and more.

Description Environmental Sensor Board
Compatibility IRIS, MICAz
Sensor Types Humidity, Temp, Pressure, Light, Accel
  • Compatible with IRIS/MICAz/MICA2 Processor/ Radio Boards
  • Onboard Temperature & Humidity, Barometric Pressure and Ambient Light Sensors
  • Dual-Axis Accelerometer
  • 64K EEPROM (CC versions), 2K EEPROM (CB versions) for User Con?guration Data
  • Optional GPS Module (MTS420 Only)
  • Agricultural Monitoring
  • Art Preservation
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Sensor Location Mapping (*GPS Equipped)