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The MDA100CB sensor and data acquisition board has a precision thermistor, a light sensor/photocell and general prototyping area. Designed for use with the IRIS, MICAz and MICA2 Motes, the prototyping area supports connection to all 51 pins on the expansion connector, and provides an additional 42 unconnected solder points for breadboarding.

Description Sensor Board w/ Prototype Area
Compatibility IRIS, MICAz
Sensor Types Light, Temperature
  • MoteWorks™ Drivers Support Sensor Readings
  • Supports IRIS, MICAz and MICA2 Motes
  • Individual Power Control for Each Sensor
  • Vibration and Magnetic Anomaly Detection
  • External Sensor Connection
  • Localization and Acoustic Tracking
  • Robotics
  • Wireless Sensor Networking