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Wireless Sensor Networks

MEMSIC's wireless Motes and sensors enable OEMs and system integrators to bring end-to-end WSN systems to market quickly and economically.   

MEMSIC's WSN connect the physical environment with enterprise management and information systems to provide advanced monitoring, automation and control solutions for a range of industries. Applications for wireless sensor networks are almost limitless, with requirements such as reliability, battery-life, range, frequencies, topologies, size of the network and sensor types. To address the unique requirements of individual applications, MEMSIC provides a broad portfolio of wireless sensor network products.

MEMSIC's technology is proven in numerous deployments and is ideal for systems where multiple sensor nodes are required.

eKo Pro Environmental Monitoring System

eKo™  is an outdoor wireless sensing system enabling environmental research, microclimate studies, smart water management, and precision agriculture. This revolutionary solar-powered system has miniaturized and expanded the idea of outdoor wireless sensing enabling users to take nature's pulse and gain a competitive advantage in a resource constrained world.

  Part Number Description  
[+] eK2120 eKo Outdoor Long Range Wireless Monitoring System + more
[+] eS2000 eKo Weather Station Suite + more
[+] eN2120 eKo Long Range Node + more
[+] eG2100 eKo Gateway + more
[+] eS9000 Series Environmental Sensor Bus + more

WSN Nodes

MEMSIC provides a broad portfolio of wireless sensor nodes to meet the specific needs of your application for either end-user or OEM designs.

  Part Number WSN Platform Application Processor Speed
Radio Frequency Range Tx/Rx Data Rate
[+] LPR2400 LOTUS Industrial Monitoring Cortex M3 LPC 17xx 32bit 10-100MHz 64Kbytes 2.4GHZ ISM RF231 Atmel 250Kbits/s + more
[+] XM2110CB IRIS OEM Edition Atmel ATMega 1281 8 MHz 8Kbytes 2.4GHZ ISM RF230 Atmel 250Kbits/s + more
[+] MPR2400CB MICA Educational Atmel ATMega 128L, 8bit 8 - 16 MHz 4Kbytes 2.4 - 2.48 GHz TI - CC 1000 / 2420 38.4 / 250 Kbits/s + more
[+] MCS410CA MICA Location Tracking Atmel ATMega 128L, 8bit 8 Mhz 4Kbytes 433 Mhz Integrated Fixed + more

Sensor Boards

MEMSIC provides a variety of sensor boards and data acquisition cards that connect to our wireless modules and provide for both direct sensing connectivity as well as external sensor capabilities. All MICA and IRIS family sensor boards from MEMSIC are supported with drivers in the MoteWorks Software Platform. The ITS sensor board interfaces directly with our Imote2 platform with system software available from open source.

  Part Number Description Compatibility Sensor Types  
[+] MTS400 Environmental Sensor Board IRIS, MICAz Humidity, Temp, Pressure, Light, Accel + more
[+] MTS420 Environmental Sensor Board IRIS, MICAz Same as MTS400 plus GPS + more
[+] MDA100 Sensor Board w/ Prototype Area IRIS, MICAz Light, Temperature + more
[+] MTS300 Environmental Sensor Board IRIS, MICAz Light, Temp, Acoustic + more
[+] MTS310 Environmental Sensor Board IRIS, MICAz Accel, Mag, Light, Temp, Acoustic, Sounder + more
[+] MDA300 Mote Data Acquisition Board LOTUS, TelosB, IRIS, MICA Humidity, Temp, GPIO, Analog, Actuator + more


MEMSIC provides a wide range of gateway boards. Multiple interfaces, including Ethernet, Wifi, USB and serial are supported to provide a base station for connecting an IRIS or MICA sensor network to an enterprise, industrial or custom network, or locally to a PC. Any MICA or IRIS Mote can function as a base station when mated to the relevant interface board.

  Part Number Description Compatibility Port Type  
[+] MIB520 USB Programmer MICA, IRIS USB + more
[+] MIB600 Ethernet Interface Board MICA, IRIS UART + more

WSN Development Kits

MEMSIC's wireless sensor network kits support our customers through all stages of their wireless sensor network development – from Starter Kits, to Professional and OEM Development Kits and Classroom Kits.

  Part Number Description Kit Type  
[+] WSN-EDU2400CB MICAz - 2.4GHz Class Room + more
[+] WSN-EDU2110CB IRIS - 2.4GHz Class Room + more
[+] WSN-START2110CB IRIS - 2.4GHz Starter + more
[+] WSN-PRO2400CB MICAz - 2.4 GHz Professional + more
[+] WSN-PRO2110CB IRIS - 2.4GHz Professional + more
[+] MCS-KIT410CA MICAz- 433MHz Professional + more