Tilt Sensor Modules


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The CXTLA Series inclinometer modules are complete 1-axis and 2-axis tilt sensors offering high resolu­tion, high accuracy, and fast response in an inexpensive easy-to-use package. The CXTLA Series design is based on a highly stable silicon micro-machined capacitive inclination sensor ele­ment (with several distinct advantages over fluid, electrolytic, and pendulum-based sensors) that is completely integrated with interface electronics to eliminate the need for external components. The response of the CXTLA sensor is proportional to the magnitude of gravity parallel to the sensor element. The CXTLA series modules are fully signal conditioned with high level analog outputs, and include a temperature reference output that can be used to achieve angle accuracy of better than 0.5 deg over temperature. The CXTLA Series is available in a standard nylon or high temperature aluminum package and can be securely attached us­ing screws or

Axes 2(XY)
Range 20
Output 0-5V
Sensitivity 100
Bandwidth DC-6
Resolution 0.05
Supply Voltage 6 to 30
Temp Range -40 to +85
Package Type Nylon
Dimensions 4.5 x 2.7
  • Small High-Resolution Tilt Sensor Module
  • Available in 1-Axis and 2-Axis Configurations
  • High-Level Signal-Conditioned Analog Outputs
  • Temperature Sensor Output
  • Rugged Design with 2000g Shock Survival
  • Factory Calibration Sheet Provided
  • Reliable Packaging with Screw-Down Mounting
  • Aerial Lift Safety
  • Crane Boom Angle
  • Solar Tracking
  • Wind Turbine Monitoring
  • Survey Leveling Equipment
  • Static Platform Orientation
  • Laser Leveling
  • Instrumentation