MEMSIC Technology

MEMSIC's leading-edge sensor expertise is the foundation for our sensing platforms. As leaders and innovators in today’s world we have finely tuned our technology to provide users with the optimal user experience melding high technology with simple and easy solutions. Building on our foundation in MEMS technology, MEMSIC's cost-effective solutions provide a unique combination of performance and features establishing MEMSIC at the vanguard of smart sensing for more than a decade.

Thermal MEMS Accelerometer Technology is unique to MEMSIC, and offers many important benefits compared with other accelerometer technologies.


Our Thermal MEMS Flow Sensor Technology is also unique, and offers enhanced accuracy, greater dynamic range, and no moving parts for enhanced reliability.


MEMSIC was the first to bring high performance Anisotropic Magneto- Resistive (AMR) magnetic sensor technology to the low cost mobile phone market. Our version of AMR has a number of key advantages over traditional approaches such as Hall Sensors, including lower power, lower noise, and improved accuracy.


Our Inertial Systems products were the first FAA certified modules to use MEMS sensor technology, resulting in reduced cost and improved reliability compared with older technologies. MEMSIC continues to develop advanced inertial systems modules which include state-of-the-art sensors and software algorithms.


Memsic leading-edge sensor expertise
Thermal MEMS Accelerometer Technology is unique to MEMSIC