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The Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) provides data for primary flight instruments, head-up displays, autopilots, and moving map navigation systems. MEMSIC's solid-state MEMS rate sensors, coupled with Kalman filter algorithms are designed to mitigate high drift rates, provide the basis for low-cost, high-performance AHRS for general aviation. The MEMSIC AHRS is ideal for incorporation into current and next generation glass cockpit systems, autopilots and standby instruments, and unmanned vehicles


Customer Benefits:

  • High Reliability: Inertial systems that provide attitude and heading measurement with static and dynamic accuracy superior to traditional spinning mass vertical and directional gyros.
  • Standard Aircraft Digital Bus Support: A comprehensive Built-in-Test (BIT) architecture continuously monitors all sensors, internal electronics, power circuitry and system calibration during operation, and updates the system BIT status in every output message. Output data is provided via a standard ARINC429 data bus.
  • No External Sensor Inputs Required: As a standalone system MEMSIC’s AHRS functions as a truly independent device while still providing the user with optional external aiding inputs from Air Data or GPS.


Glass Cockpit Systems

MEMSIC has been a leader in MEMS based certified avionics systems for more than a decade, serving the certified and experimental glass panel markets. MEMSIC produced one of the first FAA certified AHRS systems (AHRS500) which has been installed in over 1,000 different aircraft since its introduction. MEMSIC has continued to be a leader in MEMS based AHRS systems with next generation AHRS510. We are proud to have been part of the FAA’s Capstone program and to have been a key supplier for the one of the first VLJ’s on the market.

MEMSIC’s advanced calibration techniques coupled with our patented Kalman filter algorithm have allowed us to maintain maximum performance at an attractive price. Compared to most modern Ring Laser Gyros and Fiber Optic Gyro Systems, our MEMS based AHRS systems can provide similar performance at a fraction of the price. MEMSIC uses an FAA authorized production facility and has maintained an impressive track record of reliability and performance for all aviation products.


  • The AHRS500 is TSO C4c and TSO C6d approved, and qualified to DO178B Level C. The output is RS-232. Magnetometer functionality is included in the product, and a remote magnetometer option is supported.
  • The AHRS510 is TSO C4c and TSO C6d approved and qualified to DO-178B Level B. The output is ARINC 429. A MEMSIC remote magnetometer is required for heading output.
  • The CRM500 is TSO C6d approved for use with the AHRS500 and is qualified to DO-178B Level C.
  • The CRM510 is TSO C6d approved for use with the AHRS510 and qualified to DO-178B Level B.


Unmanned Vehicles

Unmanned vehicles require highly reliable and repeatable inertial sensors and systems that are capable of effective feedback for control and guidance. MEMSIC has developed a broad line of Fiber Optic Gyroscopes (FOG), Inertial Measurement Units (IMU’s), GPS-Aided Vertical Gyros (VG), and GPS-Aided Attitude & Heading Reference Systems (AHRS) that are well tested and proven in demanding land, marine and airborne applications..


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle:
MEMSIC's NAV440, or AHRS500 inertial systems provide guidance and control functions to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles over hostile territory, a nation’s border, a wildlife refuge, an oil or gas pipeline, or perhaps supporting a convoy carrying urgently needed medical supplies.

Unmanned Surface and Unmanned Underwater Vehicles:
MEMSIC Vertical Gyros have been a standard in US Navy tests at activities such as NRL, NUWC, and NSWC. MEMSIC has successfully delivered low cost yet highly reliable VG400 and it’s replacement, the VG440 on UUV’s for deep sea exploration and harbor security.

MEMSIC has supplied VG700 and NAV440 systems to small and large prime contractors engaged in systems development of Synthetic Aperture Radar, Ground Penetrating SAR, and LIDAR for a multitude of leading edge applications for the US Department of Defense and Ministries of Defense of Allied Nations. MEMSIC's IMU technology improves the overall quality of the data and allows the warfighter or first responder to make better decisions based on improved and actionable intelligence.

EO/IR Payloads:
MEMSIC supplies VG440, AHRS440 inertial systems for platform stabilization on Electro-Optical and Infra-Red sensor platforms to DOD and international customers. Our Vertical Gyroscopes, IMU’s, and Attitude Heading and Reference Systems reduce system complexity and improve system up-time with MTBF of >35,000 and no periodic maintenance.

MEMSIC NAV440 systems are used to add “inertial intelligence™” such as accurate GPS, Pitch, Roll, and Heading data that are enabling a new generation of UAV mounted camera systems. Customer GIS applications provide updated imagery to Google Earth users.

Customer Benefits:

  • Field Proven in UAV, UGV and AUV Applications-High-accuracy nonlinear estimation techniques, Guidance, navigation and control solutions for unmanned systems and sensor payloads
  • High-Reliability– Greater than 35,000 MTBF typical.
  • Low-Cost– Many systems under $9K USD and the lowest cost 6DOF, Military Grade Fiber Optic Gyroscopes available from any source.
  • FAA Certification Available– Many of our UAV qualified systems meet RTCA DO178B Level A and Level B, and DO160 certifications.


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Aviation / Avionics
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