Vertical Gyros (VG)


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The MEMSIC VG350 is a robust entry-level Vertical Gyro System that utilizes MEMS-based inertial sensors and Extended Kalman Filter algorithms to provide unmatched value in terms of both price and performance. The VG350 is a next generation replacement for the widely accepted VG320 used in dynamic control and land navigation systems. This rugged low-cost inertial system meets the demanding environmental requirements for operation in a wide variety of land vehicle and marine platform systems, and it is ideally suited for cost sensitive high-volume OEM applications.

Roll/Pitch Accuracy 0.2
Gyro Range 300
In-Run Stability 12
Non-Linearity 1
Bandwidth 50
Accel Range 6
In-Run Stability 1
Non-Linearity 1
Bandwidth 50
  • Angle, Rate and Accel Data at 100Hz
  • High Reliability MEMS Sensors
  • Enhanced Kalman Filter Algorithm
  • Wide Temp Range (-40°C to +70°C)
  • Wide Input Power Range (9-30V)
  • Low Profile < 1.5”
  • Lightweight < 0.5lbs
  • Antenna Stabilization
  • Sea State Monitoring
  • Unmanned Vehicle Control