Navigation Systems (NAV)


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The NAV440 is a fully-integrated GPS-aided attitude & heading reference system and GPS navigation solution. The NAV440 provides full inertial data (angles, rates, accels) and GPS position, along with inertially-derived velocity that provides significant improvement in stability and latency compared with stand-alone GPS velocity measurements.  The NAV440 combines highly reliable MEMS sensors, magnetometers, and a WAAS/EGNOS-enabled GPS receiver all in a small and rugged environmentally sealed enclosure. The NAV440 provides consistent performance in challenging operating environments, and is user-configurable for a wide variety of applications.

For customers wishing to use the NAV440 in analog data acquisition systems, MEMSIC offers the NAV-DAC440 analog interface adapter. The NAV-DAC440 converts the NAV440 serial digital data to 9-channel BNC analog outputs.

Position Accuracy 2.5
Heading Accuracy 1
Roll/Pitch Accuracy 0.2
Gyro Range 400
In-Run Stability 20
Non-Linearity 1
Bandwidth 25
Accel Range 10
In-Run Stability 2
Non-Linearity 1
Bandwidth 25
Mag Field Range 1
Mag Field Accuracy 0.005
  • Complete GPS-Aided AHRS Solution
  • Accuracy < 0.2 deg
  • Output Data Rate > 100Hz
  • High-Range Sensor Options(400 deg/sec and 10g)
  • WAAS and EGNOS Enabled GPS
  • Low Power < 4W
  • High Reliability, MTBF > 25,000 hours
  • Analog Output Option
  • Rugged Sealed Enclosure
  • Unmanned Vehicle Control
  • Land Vehicle Guidance
  • Avionics Systems
  • Platform Stabilization