MEMSIC's thermal accelerometers offer the world's best vibration immunity, shock tolerance, and zero-g offset drift.

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MEMSIC's accelerometers are used by the world's leading automakers. Learn more...

MEMSIC's AMR magnetic technology is used in millions of smartphones. Learn more...

MEMSIC's AMR magnetic sensors are leaders in noise, power, and heading accuracy.         Learn more...

MEMSIC’s inertial guidance systems are used in over 600 types of aircraft. Learn more...

MEMSIC inertial systems have a wide array of applications – from farming to robotics.        

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MEMSIC's flow sensors are suitable to a wide variety of applications, from residential gas flow to HVAC. Learn more...

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MEMSIC INC Introduces Industry’s Highest Performance 3-Axis Magnetic Sensor Product

MEMSIC Inc., a leading solutions provider, combining proprietary MEMS technology with advanced mixed-signal processing and systems solutions, today announced the availability of the MMC5883MA 3 Axis Magnetic Sensor. The newest member of MEMSIC’


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MEMSIC has just received the 2016 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award for its Anistropic Magnetoresistance (AMR) sensor. MEMSIC's AMR technology provides superior performance versus competitors in terms of accuracy, resolution, signal-to-noise ratio, and range. To learn more about MEMSIC, please watch the corporate video linked below. 


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MEMSIC Featured on World's Greatest TV Show

How2Media, the producers of the television show “World’s Greatest!...”, announced they have selected MEMSIC, Inc. to be a part of the popular television series. MEMSIC will be highlighted as one of the “World’s Greatest” providers of MEMS technology which is having a major impact on things we use in our lives.MEMSIC has invested heavily into MEMS sensing 


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