Product Description

Capacitive Accelerometer

MEMSIC is exclusively authorized by mCube for all its inertial sensor technologies, which have proved by mature capacitive accelerometer technology based on 600 million pieces of mass production shipment, and its products cover a rich combination of the industry's smallest size and lowest power consumption, such as 1.1×1.3mm WLCSP package the capacitive accelerometer was recognized by Yole Développement as the smallest product in the world, and also one of the lowest power consumption products in the industry.

Technical Advantages

  • Higher integration

    Single-chip design, standard CMOS process, high performance interconnection, smaller size and lower cost.
  • Ultra Lower Power

    Provide multiple levels of power mode ( eg: Sniff , Sleep …) to allow customer system always working with lowest power consumption. 
  • Smaller size

    Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging(WLCSP),effectively reduce the package size and enable customer's light and thin design.