Product Description

Thermal Accelerometer

Thermal accelerometer which is uniquely designed and manufactured by Memsic uses a proprietary patented approach that uses standard CMOS IC processes to integrate leading-edge sensor technology and mixed signal processing circuits into a single reliable, high-quality chip.Compared with the traditional capacitive accelerometer, thermal accelerometer has no moving parts, highly reliable, easy to manufacture and ultra-low cost.

Technical Advantages

  • 100% pass drop test for thermal accelerometer

    Thermal accelerometer filled with gas inside the sensor instead of moving mass , so that don’t have stick & drop test issues.   

  • No effect by High-frequency bibration

    The gas inside the thermal accelerometer is a natural low-pass filter, it is not sensitive to the high-frequency vibration(eg:motor's vibration ).

  • High tolerance to stress changes

    This is mainly because our thermocouple has a long (millimeter) distribution of cold and hot poles,the offset of our X/Y axis does not change much before and after SMT.

  • The zero-g offset of thermal accelerometer is very low

    The zero-g offset is very low via our factory trim.It has a high tolerance for stress and will not change greatly due to the stress produced by SMT.