Product Description

Hall Switch

MEMSIC's Hall switch sensors use a low-power CMOS process and integrate Hall sensor chip in a single chip. Built-in sensitivity compensation, and has excellent temperature compensation characteristics, so that the chip can work in the environment of -45 ~ 85 ℃, and maintain good performance consistency.

Technical Advantages

  • Ultra low power

    Typical 2.5uA,maximum 5uA@1.8 V,it can meet the needs of TWS ultra-long standby time.

  • Ultra wide operation voltage range

    Wide operation voltage range: 1.65~5.5V,it provides convenience for the system design of the headset and charging compartment, ensuring that it can still work normally when the charging voltage is unstable.

  • Small Packaging

    DFN4 package with 1.0mmx1.4mmx0.37mm.the smaller package size brings convenience to the structural design of the earphone and charging compartment.

  • Accurate switch control

    The smaller hysteresis window can ensure that the opening and closing of the charging compartment cover are basically in the same position.

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