Product Description


Memsic magnetometers are new MEMS sensors based on anisotropic magnetoresistive (AMR) technology. Compared with traditional magnetometers based on Hall technology, the accuracy is higher and the noise is lower. In addition, Memsic introduced high-performance AMR magnetometers into the smartphone market.

Technical Advantages

  • Higher accuracy–measured resolution up to 1 degree

    The sensor accuracy of AMR technology does not change with temperature;

    Hall sensor needs temperature compensation。

  • More stable performance

    AMR sensor has more stable performance, less affected by environmental changes;

    Hall sensor has high zero offset, and the concentrator will lead into high remanence and hysteresis.

  • Lower noise

    AMR sensor has high signal-to-noise ratio, high sensitivity and low noise.
    Hall sensor has low signal-to-noise ratio, low sensitivity and high noise, and spin current power supply will introduce extra noise.

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