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We cordially invite you to join MEMSIC, through our creativity, wisdom and power, to create more successful products in the field of MEMS.

Our employees are dedicated and passionate, and are full of enthusiasm, so that the company has always been at the forefront of MEMS technology. MEMSIC has the best talents and the most competitive products in the industry. MEMSIC will continue to innovate and provide strong system solutions for a better life.

MEMSIC will provide you with highly competitive salary and benefits in the industry, as well as a free and global working atmosphere.

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  • Product Marketing Manager

    Job Description

    Collecting and tracking market information, competing product information, industry research, customer demand research, etc., and summarize information for product definition and project establishment;

    Classify target customer groups and determine product positioning and value to customers;

    Working with the team to jointly formulate product visions and service scenarios, and release products to the sales team;

    Responsible for the planning of product listing, working closely with the marketing team and product development team to ensure successful product listing; writing product promotion and training materials required by customers.

    Job Requirement

    With more than 5 years of work experience in the IT industry, worked as a product marketing, consultant, or product manager, and experience in sensor-related products is preferred;

    Extensive experience on product launch and new product introduction;

    Strong oral and writing skills, and attention to detail;

    Rich experience in speeches and demos. Describe the value of products according to the needs of different levels;

    Good inter-departmental communication skills.

  • Foundry Process Integration Engineer

    Job Description

    Responsible for foundry tracking and improving yield;

    Support foundry to develop and improve technological processes;

    Monitor and analyze the data of Foundry WAT/CP/FT;

    Responsible for analysis and improvement of abnormal conditions in foundry production;

    This position needs to be permanently based in Taiwan.

    Job Requirement

    Familiar with the knowledge of semiconductor physics, semiconductor devices, etc., with AMR, GMR, TMR and other sensor technology or research experience is best;

    Work experience in 6, 8-inch wafer fab (CMOS or MEMS), familiar with foundry operation mode, semiconductor manufacturing process, and Thin Film, Photo, Etch, Diff, WET, IMP and other module processes;

    Good analytical skills, and skilled use of common software such as Excel/PPT/Word/JMP/Mintab to organize data and present it reasonably;

    Responsible and dedicated to work with strong learning and anti-stress ability;

    Good communication and coordination skills, and teamwork spirit.

  • Product Marketing Engineer

    Job Description

    Collecting and tracking market information, competing product information, industry research, customer demand research, etc., and summarize information for product definition and project establishment;

    Classify target customer groups;

    Write marketing and training materials.

    Job Requirement

    Major in semiconductor and electronic engineering;

    Pay attention to new technologies, products and applications related to sensors, etc., and keep exploring;

    Strong expression and writing skills, and pay attention to details.

  • Analog engineer

    Job Description

    Definition, design and simulation of analog integrated circuits;

    Write design documents, test plans and test reports;

    Support and improve the efficiency and quality of layout design;

    Support product testing, debugging and application.

    Job Requirement

    Microelectronics and other related majors, master degree or above, solid basic knowledge of analog circuits;

    Experience in Mixed Signal (ADC/DAC), Power (DC-DC, Bandgap, LDO), Clock, etc.;

    At least 1 year experience in analog IC design;

    Proficiency in cadence, Linux, etc.

  • Digital engineer

    Job Description

    R&D of MCU or ASIC chip;

    Complete the digital module and system design of the chip according to the product definition;

    Responsible for digital circuit structure design, design document writing, code design;

    Responsible for the development of verification environment and simulation verification of digital circuits;

    Responsible for the digital flow of the chip, including synthesis, STA, DFT, etc.

    Job Requirement

    Microelectronics/electronics related major, master degree or above, with digital logic design verification experience;

    Understand digital circuit design and verification methodology;

    Experience in SOC design, proficient in Verilog RTL description language;

    Master low-power design, with RTC design experience is preferred;

    Strong hands-on ability and desire to explore;

    Integrity, integrity, responsibility and teamwork spirit, and strong ability to withstand stress.

  • R&D Engineer

    Job Description

    MEMS design;

    MEMS modeling and simulation;

    MEMS evaluation;

    Work with process engineers to optimize the sensor manufacturing process.

    Job Requirement

    Major in physics, microelectronics, materials science, bachelor degree or above; possesses excellent physics and mathematics foundation;

    Familiar with sensor design and physical simulation software;

    Master the knowledge of semiconductor physics, microelectronics, etc.;

    Good analytical skills, skilled use of common software such as Excel/PPT/Word to organize data and present it reasonably;

    Responsible and proactive in work, strong in learning and pressure resistance; good interpersonal communication and coordination ability, full of team spirit.

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