Vibration Monitoring

Accelerometers are the core of the vibration monitoring data collection process. They are said to be one of the most successful micro sensors ever developed. Accelerometers are used most often in predictive maintenance and condition-monitoring applications as the source of the electrical signal that corresponds to the vibration level. The accuracy of a vibration monitoring system depends on the quality of data received from the accelerometer. MEMSIC provides a wide range of choices to help customers find a product that meets their requirements.


The GP series accelerometer is a general purpose device that is ideally suited for vibration analysis, automotive testing, instrumentation and equipment monitoring.

The TG series provides customers with a high performance accelerometer suitable for seismic instrumentation, precision tilt and sway monitoring, and measurement of orientation.

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Other applications where vibration monitoring may be useful:

  • Structural Vibration - analysis and identification of vibration sources and problems in structures
  • Product Testing - vibration and shock testing to identify potential design problems
  • Acceptance Testing - testing and analysis to ensure products comply with specified vibration tolerance limits
  • Workplace Vibration - measurement and analysis of vibration from hand tools and other equipment


Customer Benefits Include:

  • Superior Performance
  • Small Size
  • Low-Cost
  • MEMS Technology

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Vibration Monitoring
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