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The MXC62020GWM is a waterproof potted accelerometer module equipped with a wiring harness and connector assembly designed and used for washing machine out of balance measurements. One method used to increase the efficiency of the wash dry cycle, is to determine out-of balance load conditions prior to moving to the next spin speed. Smart motor controllers can accomplish this at the higher spin speeds by monitoring the voltage and phase relationship of the supply to the motor, However at low spin speeds they have difficulty and under a coupled load condition the smart motor controllers also fall short. The MXC62020GMW provides the motor controller the needed information to determine load condition and make good decisions related to moving to the next spin speed, waiting until more water leaves the clothes, or slowing to redistribute the clothes.

Axes 2(XY)
Range +/- 2
Output I2C
Sensitivity 512C/g
Bandwidth 17
Supply Voltage 2.75 - 5.25
Temp Range -40 to 85
Package Type Plastic
Dimensions 2.9 x 1.5