MEMSIC Awarded Top 5 Product at Sensors Expo

July 6, 2016

On June 29th, ECN magazine named its top 5 products of the Sensors Expo held in California. MEMSIC was awared top 5 status for its high vibration immune accelerometers and related line of tilt sensors, which were recently announced. Click here to see ECN's countdown of the top 5. 

MEMSIC’s proprietary thermal accelerometer technology that utilizes heated gas molecules to sense acceleration instead of a mechanical beam structure, the transducer exhibits a natural low-pass frequency response with virtually no mechanical resonance and extremely high accuracy over a range of temperatures. This makes the devices extremely well suited to harsh and/or high vibration environments, where competing sensor solutions can exhibit false readings or other errors due to resonance.  

To learn more about MEMSIC's new line of Tilt Sensors, please click here

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