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Our dedicated staff is passionate about our products, bringing us to the forefront of our industry as a leader in MEMS technology. With operations in the US, Japan and China, MEMSIC  is an international ogranization comprised of some of the best and brightest talent in our industry, which fosters a challenging environment inspiring innovation, engagement and teamwork.  

Algorithm Software Engineer (Andover, MA)

Job Summary:

Memsic’s sensors and inertial systems have been used in a variety of applications, such as consumer mobile devices, automobile and aviation. Memsic is looking for an experienced and talented Algorithm Software Engineer to invent novel and refine existing multiple sensor fusion algorithm software. The ideal candidate will be strong in modeling, development, simulation, evaluation, validation, and visualization of these algorithms, as well as software implementation, for sensor fusion.  Relevant previous algorithm experience may include but are not limited to: digital signal processing, magnetometer and inertial sensor (accelerometer and gyro) data processing, GPS, image stabilization, and location based service. The successful candidate will be joining a team that is committed to providing advanced algorithm software modules for Memsic’s sensor applications and inertial systems. 

● Love math algorithms
● Proficient in digital signal processing, statistics, least squares, Kalman filtering and optimal estimation
● Expert level in Matlab/Simulink
● Proficient in C/C++ programming
● Ability to communicate effectively with and collaborate with other engineers across all company sites including our sensor, hardware, and application engineering teams
● Ability to do multi-task and work well in a team environment
● Ability to work independently

● Experienced in developing embedded algorithm code for navigation systems
● Experienced in developing algorithm code for mobile consumer platforms, such as Android
● Previous algorithm development involving gyroscopes, magnetometers, accelerometers, and GPS

Required Education and Experience
● Master degrees in Electrical Engineering (or related field) with 2 years related experience
● PhD in Electrical Engineering (or related field)

Senior Systems Algorithms Director- (Andover, MA / Santa Clara, CA)

This position requires first and foremost a hands-on, innovative algorithm engineer, with a solid understanding of physics and systems engineering. You will be responsible for developing complex algorithms relating to motion and orientation, based on inputs from multiple sensors. Some examples of projects would include Inertial Navigation Systems, Attitude and Heading Reference Systems, Vertical Gyros, and dynamic tilt sensors (which can provide accurate pitch and roll in the presence of significant vibration and linear acceleration).

Secondly, it is desirable if you also have the passion and leadership skills to help build and manage a growing software and systems engineering team, and play a significant role in leading new product definition and development processes.



MEMSIC is a MEMS sensor and solution provider, founded in 1999. The company has a unique thermal MEMS sensor technology, used to create accelerometer and flow sensors, that has a number of benefits over competing technologies. The company also has a high performance AMR magnetic sensor technology, and a systems/module product line which combines sensors together with systems and algorithms to create complete sensing solutions.

MEMSIC is a technology driven company with a highly innovative and entrepreneurial culture. We are looking for passionate, highly motivated individuals looking to make a big impact in a small company environment.


For More Information, contact:

Sarah Harrington, Human Resources Director


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